Universal rights

Fish, like all other creatures on earth, are entitled to move and migrate freely. More often than not they are not allowed to do so. Man-made barriers not only hinder fish, they even threaten the continued existence of populations, even wipe out entire species. A tremendous part of our rivers has been fragmented by weirs […]

Us and them

What happens when the established meets the yet to be established, when the current generation gets connected to the future one, when greybeard and lads team up, and when they combine efforts as kindred spirits? In Tolmin Þorsteinn Stefánsson and Elías Pétur Þórarinsson were introduced to ‘their’ politician: Össur Skarphéðinsson. Here this ‘old hand’ not only presented the Þingvallavatn case (see: Projects, Iceland) with a great […]

CT-National Chapters

The “Intercontinental Trout Masterclass” was all about introducing young enthusiasts to the real world of conservation. At the same time we aimed to raise their awareness of the role they, themselves, could play in freshwater conservancy processes right from the very start, and educate them to become mature players in the field. We learnt that […]