About curriculum…

We just published our new brochure, introducing all eighteen lecturers through a biography and a summary of their presentation during the ‘Intercontinental Trout Masterclass’. This document has been distributed to the other lecturers and to the participating youth. We chose to not publish it through our website. Those who wish to receive it can send a request […]

Zeb Hogan will kick off our ‘Masterclass’

While in Reno, Nevada, last year René Beaumont was introduced to Dr. Zeb Hogan, a friend and colleague of his host John Zablocki’s (Trout Unlimited). After the meetings they stayed in touch, and Zeb agreed to become a CTCF Advisor. By the time the ‘Intercontinental Trout Masterclass’ had gotten enough substance René felt like inviting […]

Victory with a capital V

We made mention of Össur Skarphéðinsson’s campaigns for the marvellous Lake Thingvellir trout several times before, but what follows is pure heroism. Last week the Icelandic Parliament rose for the summer recess. At its last meeting one of the very last bills  to be accepted was his proposal that Parliament directs the government to ensure that the […]