Congratulations to all involved!!

We are mighty happy to announce that the killing of trout in Lake Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage) is coming to an end. It has been announced that during the main period of fishing, when the trout awake from their hibernal lethargy and come close to the shores, the angling regime has changed. From […]

Trout don’t do politics!

It is advertized that our foundation, in its dealings, is one hundred percent independent, impartial, objective, and non-political. So, when a request was received from the Islamic Republic of Iran, through Dr. Iraj Hashemzadeh (Shahrekord University;  Fisheries and Environmental Sciences), there was no question about it. This would be an opportunity par excellence to get […]

Stop the killings in UNESCO World Heritage

Until some fifty years ago Iceland’s Lake Thingvellir was famous for its enormous brown trout, probably the largest in the world. In spite of decades of exhaustion and thanks to many an initiative to improve the conditions for continued existence it, again, is. It is Helgi Guðbrandsson who, with the assistance and in the name of […]