Next Generation Freshwater Conservation Leaders Scholarship Program

Currently CTCF, together with international partners, is working on an extended youth exchange program. The basic idea is to build up an international community of future freshwater stewards. In order to do so the Scholarship Program will deal with environmental problems and solutions wild trout are faced with all over the northern hemisphere. The objective […]

New and most effective alternative for rigorous eradication

While being in Slovenia in December René Beaumont also met representatives of the renowned Ribiška družina Tolmin. This angling association stands for much more than just selling tickets. Since long sport fishing in the area has been recognized as an important recreational resource. In this respect the association and its members do their utmost to […]

Stepping into the Balkan

It is said that the Balkan is the most interesting region in the world with regard to its incredible diversity of indigenous trout species. Also it is commonly known that people and nature in these parts have gone through lots of hardships, especially during the past decades. Wildlife conservancy, therefore, has everything to do with […]