Intercontinental concern for our continental trout

For twenty years Charles Gauvin was the CEO of Trout Unlimited. Currently he works in an international setting as Chief Development Officer with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Being a true trout man by heart, however, he has always kept a very warm relationship with ‘his’ organization. After René Beaumont’s visit to TU’s Nevada […]

Saving Iceland’s trout by bringing a halt to ‘catch & take’

Iceland’s seemingly abundance of trout and trout fisheries tends to invite anglers to take as many trout as they can. In an increasing number of rivers this ‘culture’ is leading to the depletion of entire trout populations. Concerned about the loss of biodiversity and of angling opportunities (recreational and commercial) currently investments are being made […]

IUCN Mediterranean hotspots assessment

The International Union for Conservation of Nature helps find pragmatic solutions to most pressing environment and development challenges. From September 3rd to 6th the IUCN-Med and the Freshwater Biodiversity Unit of the IUCN Species Programme organized a workshop for the evaluation of Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas in Marrakech, Morocco. This workshop is part of a […]