Best practices from… Belgium!

When visiting the TU Nevada (and the Sagebrush) Chapter in Reno, René Beaumont gave several presentations. One of these focused on the efforts made in Belgium as to conserve native brown trout populations –‘les truites de souche’- in the Ardennes. Being a member of the ‘Comité Royal de l’Amicale des Pêcheurs de la Lomme et […]

Trout Unlimited – CTCF’s counterpart in the US?

Mid July René Beaumont was a guest of Trout Unlimited. Hosted by John Zablocki, biologist and coordinator of TU’s Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Recovery Initiative, several meetings were held with representatives of the local Chapters and the national staff and of ngo’s and governmental bodies involved in joint conservation projects. The main purpose was to meet, […]

Iceland’s resources threatened by demolition and depletion

What had been planned as a private fishing party with Tjong Khoe (long before establishing CTCF even came to mind) turned out to be a ‘business’ trip as well. Helgi Gudbrandsson not only (again) proved to be a first class guide, also a keen observer with a great concern for Iceland’s living and swimming heritage. […]