Some work to be done here

Having visited the upper Valbona and Cemi rivers, we became aware of both their character and nature, the threats and opportunities for the wildlife and the people present, and the differences between the two catchments. We departed from the intention to “use” their very trout as an indicator and flagship in both of them. We […]

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… and get this unique Wild Trout T-shirt The discussion lasted, maybe, five minutes. However, it was long enough for Lucas Van Zandvoort, owner of the fashion brand “Wild”, to see the parallels. Heart for nature and wildlife, sustainable production, responsible use of resources, limiting chemical waste and wastewater to the minimum, labelled “Oeko-Tex”, … […]

Ever so ready for next steps

We have seen it with our own eyes: there are trout in Albania, indeed/of course. We not only saw them, we happened to catch quite a few, on the artificial fly, using electroshock fishing equipment, and even with a net when snorkelling. From most of these fish we took samples (fin clips), as we did […]