I don’t know

Are the current EU Habitats and Birds Directives fit for purpose, and delivering as expected? The EU has organized a public consultation to find that out. All members of the public and organizations have been invited to contribute. The period of consultation will last until July 24th. We strongly urge everybody, anybody, to take part […]

Flyfishing for science

Next week a CTCF delegation will visit the Valbona River valley in Albania. Initially the purpose of this trip was to get a general impression of the situation in the basin, and to assess its potential for a project that combines trout/habitat conservation and the establishment of eco-tourism in that very habitat. Depending upon this […]

Maybe next year?

We were informed as follows: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, The World of Trout – 1st International Congress will be postponed until July 2016. We will continue to maintain our website and keep you posted on developments as we work to make this an even better event to develop Conversations to Promote a Global Trout Conservation […]