“Turning legacies into a heritage for future generations…"

… with eternal thanks to my dear, late parents who always encouraged me to follow my heart.

This is (not) a plea for the trout

CTCF's objective is to mobilize those who have a heart for the wild, indigenous trout. Why? On top of being all beauty and mystery, they are the main indicator for the quality and health of coldwater ecosystems, ergo: a mascot par excellence!

If we, in fact, all share a common goal…

Our concept of conservation is based on connecting three communities who are truly concerned with and dedicated to the trout: scientists, conservationists, and the flyfishing community.

From project to blue print and vice versa

We labour for the sustainable preservation and conservation of headwater ecosystems, therewith the enhancement of biodiversity and biomass , and stimulate ecological, cultural, and social processes related.

Adopt a project

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Then “progress” came along

Last Spring a CTCF-/EcoAlbania-team visited the famous Valbona river. Findings, ambition, and hope led to drafting a plan for conserving the ecosystem and the trout in this catchment, introducing fly-fishing as a trigger for boosting non aggravating tourism businesses. We had managed to get the support of many governmental and managerial bodies for this. Also […]

Trout in and out of the classroom

The Albanian Alps and their inhabitants heartily welcomed EcoAlbania’s team when they joined the “Balkans Peace Parks Project (B3P)”. For this occasion they had developed some special educational activities for the children of the Valbona Valley communities. This event was a further step in giving shape to the plans for protecting the wild, native trout […]

More time to get dressed

The deadline for ordering our Wild Trout T-shirt has been extended. The reason? One: the orders received so far are impossible to handle in the given, short period. Two: we know that not everyone who could have purchased his or her T-shirt actually ordered one. So, it has been decided that the sale closes August […]

Some work to be done here

Having visited the upper Valbona and Cemi rivers, we became aware of both their character and nature, the threats and opportunities for the wildlife and the people present, and the differences between the two catchments. We departed from the intention to “use” their very trout as an indicator and flagship in both of them. We […]

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