Adopt a project, be its promoter

In this section we advertize projects with a delicate and urgent character. We are referring to projects which have always been neglected for being ‘politically not correct’, stigmatized as ‘not sexy enough’, regarded upon as ‘none of my business’, etcetera. There have always been a million reasons to not take up responsibilities especially when not asked to do so. Then why invest time and/or money in them? Why? Simply because they matter, because they can make the difference between ‘what once was’ and ‘what still is’ or ‘what will forever be’.

These projects range from the need of scientific description of (sub)species to get them on a Red List, to the legitimization of a population’s status as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘critically endangered’ in order to prevent them from extinction. It might concern habitats in remote areas which have always been overlooked by authorities, for whatever reason, legitimate or not. Think even of entire ecosystems that had no chance at all on the socio-economic agenda, either ages ago or recently. Commercial interests …

For initiating such projects we depend, at least initially, on funding resources different from the conventional ones, those being the pond all ‘players in the field’ cast their subvention seeking lures into. Should you -concerned and dedicated as you are- wish to be a promoter of any of the projects mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We gladly welcome both businesses and private persons for debate.

            Turkey/Armenia – exploration/survey on the conservancy potential of ‘ancient’ species with local organizations

            Atlantic basin – catchment specific survey of Salmo salar for listing on the global Red List

           Black Sea basin – survey on the (continued) existence of Salmo labrax

           France – feasibility study in regard the qualification of specific mountains’ headwaters

           Western Balkans – development of a diagnostic system for Neretvan endemic trout

Project proposals shall be sent upon request. Contact René Beaumont for more information.


Should you think of a project worthwhile, at any time feel free to share your thougths with us.