From project to blue print and vice versa

Our primary goal is to open up the discussion with parties who might or should be involved in conservation activities: land owners, concessionaries, lessees, tenants;  interest groups;  researchers and scientists; conservationists; authorities; the eco-tourism industry; the public at large; and the angler (associated/organized or not). We aim to build bridges between interests and disciplines – different as they may seem at first sight. Once shared goals have been identified and agreed upon, tangible, realizable, goal-oriented projects can be defined, agreements made, and partnerships established. From there on CTCF will act as a facilitator and promoter, our partners taking care of the project’s realization and implementation on a local, regional or national scale, as they are familiar with the culture, system, and legislation.

We work on projects that go beyond their very goals. Lessons learnt and best practices are used to develop blue prints for similar situations, challenges or problems. Although, of course, every case is unique in itself, methodologies are exchangeable, interchangeable, whether it comes to conservancy as such or its benefits for local economies in terms of enhancing employment and generating income.

In the other case we work on formats and frameworks on more abstract of levels, which are widely applicable and utilizable.