Next Generation Freshwater Conservation Leaders Scholarship Program

Currently CTCF, together with international partners, is working on an extended youth exchange program. The basic idea is to build up an international community of future freshwater stewards. In order to do so the Scholarship Program will deal with environmental problems and solutions wild trout are faced with all over the northern hemisphere. The objective is to equip young enthusiasts (age 17 – 21) with enough intellectual substance to raise them to mature conservationists and act as such, ready to make things happen, eager to stick out their necks, and daring to make the difference.

The Program’s curriculum sees to initiations to all aspects of conservation: science, hands-on field practice, law, marketing, communication, philanthropy, … The leisure part, flyfishing for trout, should give participants the breaks needed for reflection, contemplation, discussion, and fun. Therewith the Program intends to enhance mutual understanding across nations and cultures, which will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise within the next generation conservationists community. Participants will be from Europe, Asia, and North-America.

The first is edition is to take place in Tolmin, Slovenia, this summer. Much but definitely not all of the success will depend on the funds raised to properly announce, realize and follow-up the event. Lessons learnt will be bundled and serve both as a blue print and a step-stone to future editions. For 2015 four to five similar/follow-up events will be scheduled. Details about the 2014 Program will follow.

Those who wish to support this project can contact René Beaumont at


Please note: the wild trout is to be seen as a mascot for its habitat, and, in a larger perspective, the ecosystem as a whole. During the Program these trout will therefore be positioned as one of the main indicators for the health of watersheds, catchments, and basins – hence their relevance and importance.