More time to get dressed

The deadline for ordering our Wild Trout T-shirt has been extended. The reason? One: the orders received so far are impossible to handle in the given, short period. Two: we know that not everyone who could have purchased his or her T-shirt actually ordered one. So, it has been decided that the sale closes August 15th ! Delivery shall be mid September, also to those who already ordered.

To order your T-shirt (€ 39,95) please click here

Please note: The producer, “Wild Anywear”, donates 50% of the nett sales to CTCF, which will allow us to make a really good start with new projects, such as:
* introduce sustainable fishing and ecotourism in Albania
* offer more primary school children their “Rivers in the Classroom” (Spain)
* get involved in Montenegrin conservation projects
* organize a next Intercontinental Trout Masterclass in The Netherlands
* …