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… and get this unique Wild Trout T-shirt

The discussion lasted, maybe, five minutes. However, it was long enough for Lucas Van Zandvoort, owner of the fashion brand “Wild”, to see the parallels. Heart for nature and wildlife, sustainable production, responsible use of resources, limiting chemical waste and wastewater to the minimum, labelled “Oeko-Tex”, … Such a business philosophy, of course, cannot but help to understand the notion of “trout as a mascot for healthy freshwater ecosystems”.

A few weeks later, we are proud to present our T-shirts – Dutch design, made in Europe, with a clear and playful reference to CTCF. Want one? Or two? More? It can be yours for  € 39.95 … Don’t wait too long: the sale closes August 15th !

To order please click here

We, herewith, would like to thank Wild and their team for their utterly generous gesture and the gentle support (Wild donates 50% of this sales revenues to CTCF) for our cause! The donation will be spent for the start-ups of several new projects, a.o. in Spain, Albania, and Montenegro.

Please note: this T-shirt will also be part of Wild’s regular Spring/Summer 2016 kids collection, which will be presented to retailers as from July onwards. Selected shops will have the T-shirt available from January 2016 onwards in a.o. Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Japan. Wild will donate some 10% of these sales to CTCF.

With thanks to Johannes Schöffmann for the brilliant picture he made available for this purpose.