Stepping into the Balkan

It is said that the Balkan is the most interesting region in the world with regard to its incredible diversity of indigenous trout species. Also it is commonly known that people and nature in these parts have gone through lots of hardships, especially during the past decades. Wildlife conservancy, therefore, has everything to do with facing different problems, different challenges.

Early December René Beaumont visited Aleš Snoj in Slovenia. Aleš is Senior Research Associate with the Department of Animal Science of the Ljubljana University, the Balkan Trout Restoration Group operating under its umbrella. Also he is one of CTCF’s Advisors from the very beginning. The two discussed opportunities for further cooperation by defining tangible projects to work on. At this occasion René was invited to give a presentation to representatives of miscellaneous organizations and institutes from Slovenia and abroad. The meeting was well prepared by Aleš and, as a result of this, was attended by a large audience. After having explained the set-up of Continental Trout Conservation Fund and the way it operates, the audience was invited to come up with suggestions for CTCF to initiate or assist with trout conservation projects in the Balkan. Several options were reviewed during the discussion that followed. Requests have been sent in thereafter…