Universal rights

Fish, like all other creatures on earth, are entitled to move and migrate freely. More often than not they are not allowed to do so. Man-made barriers not only hinder fish, they even threaten the continued existence of populations, even wipe out entire species. A tremendous part of our rivers has been fragmented by weirs and dams already, leading to the irrevocable destruction of the aquatic ecosystems concerned. The Hydrolobby promises more of such demolition derbies, an awful lot more. Supported by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development they make us believe that “green prower” is the solution par excellence for the growing need for energy. They are so very wrong. After all, what is more valuable: their gratuitous energy or our nature, all its resources included?

We met, discussed this issue, and pledged to combine our efforts to labour for the free and unobstructed passage of fish, from source to river mouth and back, whether with the current or against it.

René Beaumont & Herman Wanningen