Zeb Hogan will kick off our ‘Masterclass’

While in Reno, Nevada, last year René Beaumont was introduced to Dr. Zeb Hogan, a friend and colleague of his host John Zablocki’s (Trout Unlimited). After the meetings they stayed in touch, and Zeb agreed to become a CTCF Advisor. By the time the ‘Intercontinental Trout Masterclass’ had gotten enough substance René felt like inviting him as a speaker/lecturer at this event as well. In Zeb’s own words: “It looks like a wonderful opportunity, and a perfect way to build momentum for conservation. I would be very happy to participate!”

Zeb Hogan is an aquatic biologist and an assistant research professor at the University of Nevada, the United Nations Convention on Migratory Species Councilor for Fish, and a National Geographic Society Fellow. His research interests include freshwater fish ecology, fisheries management, and endangered species issues. Since 2006 he has worked with the University of Nevada and the National Geographic Society to merge conservation science with education and action. Project outputs to date have included contributions to understanding the migratory patterns and population structures of focal fish species.

Zeb hosts the National Geographic Television series Monster Fish. Through his Megafishes Project Zeb travels to the most endangered of environments, striving to save critically endangered fish and the livelihood of people who share their habitats. He believes new approaches, investment, and research offer real hope to both fish and fishing communities: “Freshwater biodiversity conservation is every bit as important as the protection of animals like tigers and whales, perhaps more so. Let’s strive to protect fresh waters the same way that we care for rain forest and coral reefs.”

Zeb Hogan kicks off the week with a presentation on his recent work, highlighting (salmonid) conservation, and then focus on the impact that media can have on the public at large in regard raising awareness about vulnerable species. Many cases will be shown and discussed, from the most deplorable situations to the best of conservation practices.

We think it a great asset to have Zeb on board…