Define “headwaters” please?

It is forgotten only too often that a healthy aquatic ecosystem in any watershed’s most upper sections is a prerequisite for the condition in any of its lower parts. In many a conservation effort our rivers’ headwaters tend to be overlooked as there hardly seems to be any gain or “return on investment” which would justify spending […]

Persian trout paradise

During the second week of October Tjong Khoe and René Beaumont fished the upper Lake Lar basin for their trout. Since many decades the rivers tributary to Lake Lar have been closed for all recreational angling. However, this expedition was no leisure activity, by no means. Its purpose was to investigate whether and, if so, […]

Flyfishing for conservation?/!

Upon the invitation of the Iranian Department of Environment and the Environmental Sciences Research Institute Tjong Khoe and René Beaumont visited Iran the second week of October. This visit was a next step in a joint effort to conserve the indigenous trout in the upper Lake Lar basin. In Tehran the ideas for setting up […]