Ríos en clases

The idea to make primary school children aware of the importance of healthy freshwater is getting shape. The educational project “Rivers in classrooms” aims to unlock the mysteries of the underwater world and, at the same time, emphasize the vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems as the very source of life. Also it will go into the […]

The first step: know what’s up

Albania… Probably this is the only country in Europe where no brown trout from Atlantic strains have been introduced by man, ever. Here, trout come in the diversity of a dream factory’s kaleidoscope: S. marmoratus, S. ohridanus, S. letnica – three to four subspecies or forms, S. trutta – brook and lake forms, S. farioides, […]

More about the Masterclass 2014…

We don’t need to emphasize anymore that the outcome of our Intercontinental Trout Masterclass was even more than we had hoped for. Others do, aware of what we, all of us, accomplished at that occasion. Many a presentation on the event has followed since, as have publications in a wide spectrum of media. Just to give an impression: Dec_FFSG_Newsletter FLIEGENFISCHEN – […]