Joining hands for education

Having heard of the Intercontinental Trout Masterclass, Thomas Schmidt of the German Universität Koblenz-Landau started following the posts on our blog with interest. Since this University is presenting itself through the slogan Bildung-Mensch-Umwelt (Education-Man-Environment) it were the ITM’s approach and its results which made Thomas invite CTCF to their interdisciplinary “Colloquium of Environmental Sciences”. Last […]

Never too young to learn

We strongly believe that education is one of the best ways to raising awareness of the values of our natural heritage. As always the challenge is “how to?”. Plain teaching will not work, since most learning is not the result of mere instruction. It all comes to providing the proper conditions in which people can […]


This week we presented our thoughts about a more specific and more adequate legal protection regime for “headwaters” to the EC’s Directorate General of Environment in Brussels. It so appeared that we were quite ahead of events… Since the line-up of the new European Commission, the post of Commission for Environment merged with that of […]