The trout being a mascot for the sanity of their habitat and the ecosystem as such

According to its statutes Continental Trout Conservation Fund has as its purpose and mission to conserve wild, indigenous trout species and populations of continental origin/strains in Eurasia and northern Africa, therewith the natural habitats in which salmonids and vulnerable fish species in general are found and, in a wider context, the ecosystems which comprise such habitats. This is taken to include fauna and flora, the landscape,  water, soils, air and other natural resources, with emphasis on the sustainable preservation of wild, indigenous trout in all their diversity, and on the essential ecological and social processes related to their continued existence.

Continental Trout Conservation Fund is independent, impartial, and objective in its dealing with authorities, organizations, institutes, businesses, and individuals.

The foundation has been established June 26th 2013 as a private foundation according to Belgian law. After the EC’s approval of the Proposal for a Regulation on the Statute for a European Foundation (08 February 2012) it will be converted into a “Fundatio Europaea”.

The statutes are available in the legally official Dutch language only.

Articles of incorporation:




                                                                         KPMG has been assigned by CTCF to control its finances, its annual report and the conformity of its activities mentioned in aforementioned report with the prevailing law and its statutes.