Conservation projects under the auspices of  CTCF

We try harder than any other organization to initiate and realize projects which we, by heart, think interesting and feasible to get involved in or to start up.

Our involvement is based upon solid project proposals aiming at conserving wild, indigenous trout and the sustainable management of their habitat. However, conservation -at least in our view- is not a “l’art pour l’art-thing”. Nor do we believe it should just aim at safeguarding what still is, here and now. Conservancy should serve a higher purpose, to be firmly anchored in the future. Our engagement, therefore, extends to the bigger picture. Positioning the trout as a mascot for a clean and healthy environment, we can “use” it to stimulate and catalyze cultural, social, and economic processes. This goes from raising awareness to creating employment and enhancing local, rural economies.

This is why we, right from the very beginning of any which intiative, invariably assemble as many stakeholders as need to be involved, and insist on getting their full support for ideas and plans. Only after their approval CTCF will commit to coordinating a project, providing project management and expertise, and funding. Working this way we are sure that no time or money is waisted. What’s more, we can guarantee that ressources will be well spent. Yes, we do try harder.


Information about the projects we are currently working on and/or are involved in is published through our blogs.
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