Intercontinental Trout Masterclass – Tolmin (Slovenia – August 24th-30th, 2014)

Publications on the Masterclass appear(ed) in a wide spectrum of media – January 6th 2015
Connections made in Tolmin: two generations labouring for the Thingvellir trout – September 10th 2014
The reason why for establishing CT-National Chapters – September 9th 2014
The word about the conservation microbe spreads all over the country and beyond – September 3rd 2014
A plea for what conservation and the effort to organize the ITM are all about – September 3rd 2014
Participants and lecturers stay connected and share experiences through a new facebook community – September 1st 2014
Publication introducing the participants (for ‘internal purposes’ only) – August 19th 2014
The kick off of the event: the dawn of a next generation stewardship leaders – August 17th 2014
Publication of the event’s program and curriculum (for ‘internal purposes’ only) – July 15th 2014
Announcing Dr. Zeb Hogan (a.o. National Geographic Channel’s Monsterfish) to kick-off the event – June 20th 2014
Publication of the brochure introducing and announcing the event (with download for publication) – May 19th 2014
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