Safeguarding riverine habitats (headwaters)

Here it is, the video – May 10th 2016
A further step in raising awareness of the natural heritage, with school children – August 5th 2015
From the masterplan we drafted we shall proceed with a pilot project in the Valbona Valley – June 13th 2015
Our first impressions of two catchments in the north of Albania – May 26th 2015
The first visit to the Valbona River valley will include the collecting genetic material – May 15th 2015
Hydropower dam developments will irrevocably change many an ecosystem in Albania – February 24th 2015
The scientists and institutes involved in the Valbona Valley project – January 30th 2015
Profiling the reputed Valbona trout as a mascot for enhancing the local situation in the valley and its economy – November 17th 2014