Continental Trout Conservation Fund – National Chapters (franchise with ownership)

With our Intercontinental Trout Masterclass we not only laid the foundation for a next generation of freshwater conservation stewards, also this event allowed us to re-structure our organization. Struck with the potential and the spunk the participants displayed during this week, we decided to offer them the opportunity to represent our foundation in their respective home countries. They all accepted, with great pleasure. For CTCF’s operation and functioning having reliable and honourable representatives who speak the native language and who know the local culture, is an utterly valuable asset. This will enable us to really make the difference in the field, on a national, cross-border, and intercontinental scale.

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Please note: we only established  Chapters in countries in which we had no or no satisfying partnerships with existing conservation organizations (yet), or -when our partner organization agreed to having such a Chapter in their country- such entity was believed to support and/or strenghten their endeavours.

* Those youth who wish to join our network and represent their country (if not already listed above) by means of a National Chapter can send us their request.