One can still be amazed

The Georgian Fly Fishing Club has been active on social media since their establishment in 2011. Responsible for spreading the word about the situation and the opportunities in this rather unknown part of Eurasia, is Shota Jokhadze, founder and president of the club. Last year he invited us to come over and discuss progress being […]

Think with us, please?

The “Rios en Clase” project is moving ahead rather slowly. Not fast enough anyway. The impasse is threefold, but the deadlocks are to be overcome. Time to show our cards. For quite some time we have not been able to reach our contact person within the Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany. Although we were aware of his […]

Rewarding and encouraging

As the tradition goes “The Eve of the Fly Fair” marks the start of this bi-annual gathering of international flyfishing enthusiasts, which is held in The Netherlands. During this event several prizes were awarded to those who promote the outdoor leisure is all its aspects. Here René Beaumont received the “Gerd Janssen-Fly” from John Hagens, […]