If we, in fact, all share a common goal…

Getting involved in conservation meant investing lots of time, energy, and money in making our organization and its objectives known to those who we wished to get involved in our concept of conserving the trout and their habitats.

In the first period of our existence we concentrated on contacting and visiting authorities and influentials in order to get support on the highest of levels. Meanwhile we considered many a opportunity as to see whether they could qualify for a conservation effort. We brainstormed about new, often rather less conventional ideas and strategies, and elaborated them into concrete plans of approach, refusing to take things are as they are, daring to go beyond beaten tracks, sometimes even ways beyond them. It worked. We, indeed, have become the player we had hoped to be, by connecting people from the three communities who are truly concerned with and dedicated to the matter:

  •           – scientists – verifiable project data and monitoring
  •           – conservationists – feeling and knowlegde “on the ground”
  •           – flyfishermen – “the ears and eyes of the watersheld”


By doing so, we -in all modesty- did prove able to make the difference in the field…


We shall keep you posted about our initiatives, whereabouts, achievements, and so on by means of our blogs.