As continental as can be 

The list hereunder comprises the indigenous trout (and char) which occur in Eurasia and northern Africa. Please note that scientific names are subject to discussions and alterations. Also new species and subspecies are being discovered, described, and classified. This list, therefore, is not a conclusive one. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.


Hucho hucho

Hucho taimen


Salmo abanthicus

Salmo akairos

Salmo aphelios

Salmo balcanicus

Salmo carpio

Salmo cenerius

Salmo cetii

Salmo chilo

Salmo ciscaucasicus

Salmo coruhensis

Salmo dentex

Salmo ezenami

Salmo farioides

Salmo ferox

Salmo fibreni

Salmo ischchan aestivalis

Salmo ischchan danilewski

Salmo ischchan gegarkuni

Salmo ischchan ischchan

Salmo kottelati

Salmo labrax

Salmo labecula

Salmo letnica

Salmo lourosensis

Salmo lumi

Salmo macedonicus

Salmo marmoratus

Salmo montenegrinis

Salmo nigrippinis

Salmo obtusirostris krkensis

Salmo obtusirostris oxyrhyncus

Salmo obtusirostris salonitana

Salmo obtusirostris zetensis

Salmo ohridanus

Salmo opimus

Salmo pallaryi

Salmo pelagonicus

Salmo pellegrini

Salmo peristericus

Salmo platycephalus

Salmo rhodanensis

Salmo rizeensis

Salmo schiefmuelleri

Salmo stomachius

Salmo taleri

Salmo tigridis

Salmo trutta antiocus

Salmo trutta aralensis

Salmo trutta caspius

Salmo trutta fario

Salmo trutta lacustris

Salmo trutta macrostigma

Salmo trutta oxianus

Salmo trutta trutta

Salmo visovacensis

Salmo zrmanjensis



Salvelinus alpinus

Salvelinus boganidae

Salvelinus colii

Salvelinus curilus

Salvelinus czerskii

Salvelinus drjagini

Salvelinus evasus

Salvelinus faroensis

Salvelinus fimbriatus

Salvelinus gracillimus

Salvelinus grayi

Salvelinus gritzenkoi

Salvelinus inframundus

Salvelinus jacuticus

Salvelinus killinensis

Salvelinus lepechini

Salvelinus lonsdalii

Salvelinus mallochi

Salvelinus maxillaris

Salvelinus murta

Salvelinus neiva

Salvelinus neocomensis

Salvelinus obtusus

Salvelinus perisii

Salvelinus profundus

Salvelinus salvelinoinsularis

Salvelinus struanensis

Salvelinus thingvallensis

Salvelinus trevelyani

Salvelinus umbla

Salvelinus willoughbii

Salvelinus youngeri