Congratulations to all involved!!

We are mighty happy to announce that the killing of trout in Lake Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage) is coming to an end. It has been announced that during the main period of fishing, when the trout awake from their hibernal lethargy and come close to the shores, the angling regime has changed. From April 20th to May 31st this part of the lake will be catch & release and fly only. This will benefit all trout in the lake, of course, but especially those large, mature fish which will now have a much better chance to spawn in wintertime and, therewith, safeguard new generations.

In the name of the Lake Thingvellir trout we would like to thank everybody who labored for this change. It has been the work of many people, anglers and angling clubs. Special words of gratitude are for Össur Skarphéðinsson who really threw his weight about, as well as for Helgi Guðbrandsson (Continental Trout Iceland) who campaigned for the sake of these magnificent trout for years.

Last but not least we are to thank the National Park’s management whose decision is welcomed whole-heartedly! It can be seen as a very important first step to changing attitudes towards depleting natural resources and ditto heritage. The next one should be installing a uniform, non-aggravating angling regime in the entire lake. This is to be achieved in consultation with and with the consent of all stakeholders. Which regime that should be, is –as we have advocated before- for Johannes Sturlaugsson (Laxfiskar) to decide. With the experience and the knowhow he gathered throughout the years in monitoring the population and doing research on it his authority is beyond questioning.

More information (in icelandic only): Continental-trout Island