Stop the killings in UNESCO World Heritage

Until some fifty years ago Iceland’s Lake Thingvellir was famous for its enormous brown trout, probably the largest in the world. In spite of decades of exhaustion and thanks to many an initiative to improve the conditions for continued existence it, again, is. It is Helgi Guðbrandsson who, with the assistance and in the name of Continental Trout Conservation Fund, has been campaigning for the sake of these trout since years. Their campaign has the whole-hearted assent and support of Össur Skarphéðinsson, probably Iceland’s greatest advocate of the famous Lake Thingvellir trout.

The impact of the joint-crusade shall benefit the trout in a tremendous way. For the first time the pressure of recreational angling on Lake Thingvellir will be mitigated to minimized. The very first step is to stop the unrestrained, unbridled killing of trout, especially of those large, most valuable spawners. Mind you: a substantial part of the Lake is a National Park with the status of UNESCO World Heritage since 2004. The trout’s main spawning grounds are situated exactly in this part. It is, of course, here that a catch & release regime should be introduced with the highest of priorities!

Lately the Park Rangers in Thingvellir appeared to be more and more open for CTCF’s suggestions to do so. They even had been discussing this matter between themselves and they actually had considered taking the step to introduce catch & release this coming season. Recently discussions between Össur Skarphéðinsson and the CEO of the National Park have resulted in the latter’s commitment to, indeed, take and implement the conservation measures needed.

To be continued …