Trout don’t do politics!

It is advertized that our foundation, in its dealings, is one hundred percent independent, impartial, objective, and non-political. So, when a request was received from the Islamic Republic of Iran, through Dr. Iraj Hashemzadeh (Shahrekord University;  Fisheries and Environmental Sciences), there was no question about it. This would be an opportunity par excellence to get acquainted with the trout’s situation in the most eastern part of our sphere of action.

After meticulous preparations in defining a feasible conservation goal to focus on René Beaumont visited Tehran just before the Persian new year (NoRooz). He was invited and hosted by Dr. Houman Liaghati, Dean of the Environmental Sciences Research Institute and Associate Professor of Environmental Economy and Management. Several meetings were scheduled and, when conditions would allow travelling, a visit to the Alborz Mountains.

During his stay René also met Dr. Asghar Abdoli (Associate Professor of Fish Ecology and Ichthyology from the Department of Biodiversity and Ecosystem), a well known advocate of endemic trout. Together with him and Dr. Iraj Hashemzadeh it was agreed to start a cooperation to labor for the continued existence of the trout in the upper Lake Lar basin in Lar National Park. This basin holds a distinct and highly valuable population of native, indigenous brown trout which suffers severely from recreational fishing pressure. Together they are now working on alternative ways of managing and exploiting the fisheries in both the upper Lake Lar basin and the (lower) Haraz River. Their initiative is supported by the Shahid Beheshty University and the Tehran Department of Environment.

The visit to the National Park had to be cancelled because of heavy snowfall and has now been planned for June.