Us and them

What happens when the established meets the yet to be established, when the current generation gets connected to the future one, when greybeard and lads team up, and when they combine efforts as kindred spirits? In Tolmin Þorsteinn Stefánsson and Elías Pétur Þórarinsson were introduced to ‘their’ politician: Össur Skarphéðinsson. Here this ‘old hand’ not only presented the Þingvallavatn case (see: Projects, Iceland) with a great deal of verve to the entire Masterclass audience, he also featured as the icon these Icelandic younsters had been told about long, long before coming over to Slovenia. Already during the event the three of them demonstrated to be a genuine triumvirate in many ways, but their recent joint-publication in Morgunblaðið (Iceland’s leading newspaper) is the living proof of the difference that can be made, if and when…

Morgunbladid (Icelandic)

Morgunbladid (English)